Ma'at Powher - Mental Martial Arts for the Modern Sacred Woman

The Introductory to “Ma'at Powher " a course for women, introduces you to 8 of the foundational elements from the full course “MA’AT POWHER” which has over 30 Cinematic Video Lessons. This full course was over 15 years in the making from my deep desire to empower females to go from fearful to fierce, from living apologetic and small to bold and expansive, and from surviving to thriving. This introductory course is a quick yet powerful beginning of your transformation that only takes approximately 2 hours complete! The full course will be open for enrollment by this fall!

11 Lessons

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11 Lessons in Ma'at Powher - Mental Martial Arts for the Modern Sacred Woman:




Introduction to Powher Paradigms

The Powher of Paradigms.

Your Powher

Realizing and Accepting your Powher.



Allowing your intuition to lead...always.

Breath is Life

Realizing the true power of the breath.


Tuning into your 3 levels of awareness.

Stay in Control

How to maintain control especially during challenging situations.

All or Nothing

Fully unleashing your Powher 100% & Immediately!

Main Targets

Level the playing field by focusing only on Main Targets!


Alternate Nostril Breathing

Balancing both hemispheres of the the brain and body for a clearer perspective.

Completion & Downloads