This particular course, "Breath Work & Meditation," is truly an essential course for all human beings. We live by the breath, we die by the breath. Even implementing only one of these techniques on a regular basis into your lifestyle will transform your entire life, permanently.

This course will take you through the foundational breath work and meditation practices of Kundalini Yoga. Once you are able to breath consciously, you are able to better respond from you higher capacities, remain calmer, think clearer, plan more strategically, speak with your natural authority and inspire the lives of other much easier.

It all starts with you, your actions, your words, your emotions, your thoughts....your breath.  

**If you are a person of color, live in an under-served and under-resourced community, contact us to see if you qualify for a full scholarship to one of our online courses.

15 Lessons

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Pranayam Powher

"Tuning in" with the "Adi Mantra"

"Tuning in" before the Kriya

Proper Breathing

Breathing Properly for Life

Breath Awareness Exercise

Discovering your baseline breath

Breath of Fire

The Cleansing & Power of the Breath of Fire

Sitali Pranayam

Cooling, Cleansing Power, Strength & Vitality

The 4 Stroke Breath

More Patience & Tolerance

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Grounding in Balance & Harmony

The 1-Minute Breath


Meditation Powher

Learning to Meditate

Learning to Meditate

Meditation for a Calm Heart

Calming the Heart for Inner Peace

Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex

Making Peace with Inner Conflicts

Prosperity Meditation #2

Aligning with Prosperity


Warm Ups

Warming up before the Kriya

The Sahibi Kriya

Mastering your inner and outer world.