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In ancient Kemet (KMT) MA’AT depicted as a woman with wings or alternately a woman a single white ostrich feather (her symbol,) bound to her head. MA'AT is considered more of a concept, a way of living, more than a goddess. In ancient Kemet, highly advanced societies were built and maintained for tens of thousands of years on the concept of living MA'AT, before all other recorded advanced civilizations even were conceived. MA'AT - Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Harmony, Order, Balance and Reciprocity

Kiko "Iseluleko" Ellsworth created MA’AT University to offer transformational  learning for the uplifting of underserved communities through live and online video courses, private & group coaching and live events. 

About Iseluleko Ma'at El 0

Emmy Award winner, Inspirational Speaker and Men’s Divinity Coach, Trainer and Mentor, Iseluleko Ma’at El 0 (a.k.a. Kiko Ellsworth) combines his vast array of rigorous life lessons, education and entertainment to deliver effective practical everyday tools that inspire evolution in our communities.

Iseluleko has created hundreds of programs, courses, workshops, classes, seminars (virtually and in-person), given keynote speeches on stage with the likes of world influencers, thought leader and luminaries such as Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Jim Kwik, Mike Koenigs and many others as well as speaking live on stage to over 10,000 people.

Whether it be a Keynote Speech, an Interactive Workshop, a Movie, or any combination thereof, Ise specializes in creating customized transformational experiences that not only give your participants powerful personal development tools and life-changing concepts but also lights them on Fire from within, launching them back into lives as the best version of themselves because truly...

“Once you have you, you have everything!”
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