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**Warning** Do Not Take this course if you are NOT ready to show up and transform your life. If you are not ready to ingest a pure high vibrational course to radically shift your life paradigm...then don't take this course. This course is ONLY for the female who is......


Who this course is Perfect for:

  • Women who want to fully UNLEASH their full feminine powher
  • Women who are ready to better invest in a fierce self-love
  • Women who’ve been emotionally or physically abused
  • Women who worry about not being able to defend themselves • Women due to their height, size or strength
  • Women who struggles with being able to command the respect of a man
  • Women who struggle with setting and maintaining strong physical and emotional boundaries
  • Women who’ve never taken any form of self-defense training
  • Women who seeks the level of confidence to say “NO” and be heard

Who should NOT enroll in this course:

  • Women who want to keep gambling with their safety
  • Women who want to keep suppressing their true feminine power
  • Women who want to keep pointing the finger at others for why she can’t achieve success
  • Women who are addicted to negative gossip
  • Women who tear other women down to build themselves up
  • Women who want to keep giving away their power to a man

When one gets a good inner-standing of these concepts and learns to implement simple practices over time that support the expression of them, they will likely never need to actually physically defend one's self. It makes no real impact to learn how to defend one's self if that person is not even familiar with who they are on an energetic level. All energy precedes matter, so with this essential course, we lay the most powerful foundation (energetic, mental, emotional, then physical alignment) that is possible for your safety, peace and full expression in our world.


  • Module 1 - 9 Powher Paradigm Video Lessons
  • Module 2 - 8 Powher Pranayama / Breath-work Video Lessons
  • Module 3 - 1 Full Yoga Kriya "The Sahibi Kriya to Master Your Domain" Lesson
  • Module 4 - 5 Powher Expression Video Lessons
  • Module 5 - 10 Powher Offense Video Lessons
  • Module 6 - 4 Powher Meditation Video Lessons

42 Lessons

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42 Lessons in MA'AT POWHER - Level 1 "The Full Experience":


Why Are We Here?

What's the whole point of this?


Course Prep

To get what you need and what you need to know, to be prepared to thrive throughout this course.


Introduction to Powher Paradigms

The Powher of Paradigms.

Book Ends

How to set up for daily WINS!

Your Powher

Realizing and Accepting your Powher.

I'm Not _____

Proudly taking up space

Your Brothers

Healing our relationship with each other


The True nature of our Relationship

Balancing Powher

Using the Powher of the polarities within

The Powher Connection

Connecting all the dots to Unleash Your FIRE

Vision Powher

Stepping into a clear vision of your highest self


"Tuning in" with the "Adi Mantra"

"Tuning in" before the Kriya

Proper Breathing

Breathing Properly for Life

Breath Awareness Exercise

Discovering your baseline breath

Breath of Fire

Powher Up your breath with FIRE!

Sitali Pranayama

Cooling, Cleansing Power, Strength & Vitality

The 4 Stroke Breath

More Patience & Tolerance

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Grounding in Balance & Harmony

The 1-Minute Breath



Warm Ups

Warming up before the Kriya

The Sahibi Kriya

Mastering your inner and outer world.


Intro to Powher Expressions

Taking the shackles off to Fully Express our Powher & Freedom

Powher Expressions Exercise #1

The Expression Workout

Powher Expressions Exercise #2

The Expression Workout

Powher Expressions Exercise #3

The Expression Workout

Powher Expressions Challenge

Self-acceptance, Voice & Powher into the World



What is the real goal here?


Learning to fine tune one of your greatest powhers!


The 3 Levels of Awareness

Body Language

How to read body language.

Eye Contact

How to use your eyes properly

Voice Powher

How to use your Voice Properly

Speaking Hands

Proper Hand Posturing

All or Nothing

Go all in...or lose.

Stay in Control

How to stay in control of any situation

Main Targets

Knowing what to focus on & blocking everything else out!


Learning to Meditate

Learning to Meditate

Meditation for a Calm Heart

Calming the Heart for Inner Peace

Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex

Making Peace with Inner Conflicts

Prosperity Meditation #2

Aligning with Prosperity

Course Completion & What's Next

Powher Practices

Full Integration into Your Life!

Completion & Downloads