The 21-Day Kundalini Yoga Challenge "Men & Women United"

This 21-day challenge includes Kundalini Yoga classes, Powerful Meditations, Breath work and a 21-day schedule for those who are looking to get on the path of becoming their most Attractive, Healthy and Successful selves! This course is for new, beginner and intermediate yoga students. Each class is designed to activate your high performance vehicle (your body), give you tools to deal with our currently chaotic world, and to bring women and men together as a fierce power of love, light and peace for our world!

***For a limited time included in this course are three FREE 15 minute VIP virtual (or phone) sessions with you teacher and guide Iseluleko Ma'at El O (Kiko Ellsworth) so that you can get the most out of this 21-day challenge. One session before you begin to get you set up properly, one session during for Q&A and one session after you have completed to support you in integrating supportive practices that will allow you to maintain the a high vibrational lifestyle moving forward. 

Emmy Award Winning Actor, Inspirational Speaker and Men's Divinity Coach, Iseluleko, will guide you through 21 inspiring days of yoga practices, breath work, meditation all within the concept of balancing the relationship between women and men. Follow me on Instagram @adivineman to find out about what movies, TV and other projects I'm starring in, where I'm speaking and more about my men's coaching program. 

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The remedy for ALL of our world's challenges is the balancing between masculine and feminine energies at every level. As a man, I'm fully activated by holding space for females to fully activate into their feminine power. I’m also here to serve my brothers in how to powerfully hold a protective space for all females to feel safe in expressing their divine feminine birthright.

Women and men are both very powerful opposing energetic forces that are built to create together. Yet we express our unique power is very differently. Men naturally express our power externally (giving) like the sun while a woman's power is expressed more internally (receiving) like the moon. But to reach our highest capacity, we much create together with full respect, balance and harmony for each others unique attributes.

As we approach this balance between our energies, all issues can be solved, and all challenges overcome. Each of us will experience a bliss and strength that is beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before in the harmonization and unification of our opposing energies.

This 21-Day Yoga Challenges brings our opposing energies together into an experience of Unity, Power, Peace, and Progress! Join Kiko as he leads you through this activating, fun and alchemizing yoga challenge and see yourself completely transformed right before your own eyes!

24 Lessons

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Before You Begin

"Tuning in" with the "Adi Mantra"

"Tuning in" before the Kriya

Proper Breathing

Breathing Properly for Life

Week 1

Day 1 - Yin Yang & The Surya Kriya

Day 2 - Breath Awareness Exercise

Discovering your baseline breath

Day 3 - Your High Performance Vehicle & The Kriya for Elevation

Day 4 - Learning to Meditate

Learning to Meditate

Day 5 - Nature of Sound & Awakening to Your 10 Bodies

Day 6 - Breath of Fire

Powher Up your breath with FIRE!

Day 7 - Meditation for a Calm Heart

Calming the Heart for Inner Peace

Week 2

Day 8 - Apologies for Not Breathing & Kriya for Morning Sadhana

Day 9 - Alternate Nostril Breathing

Grounding in Balance & Harmony

Day 10 - Protection with Energy & Stress Set for Adrenals and Kidneys

Day 11 - Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex

Making Peace with Inner Conflicts

Day 12 - World Tribe & Foundation for Infinity

Day 13 - Sitali Pranayama

Cooling, Cleansing Power, Strength & Vitality

Day 14 - The 4 Stroke Breath

More Patience & Tolerance

Week 3

Day 15 - Respect Protect Connect & The Surya Kriya

Day 16 - Your High Performance Vehicle & The Kriya for Elevation

Day 17 - A Brother's Love & Kriya for Morning Sadhana

Day 18 - The Nature of Sound & Awakening Your 10 Bodies

Day 19 - The Mother & Flexibility of the Spine

Day 20 - The 1-Minute Breath


Day 21 - Your Bright Future & Sat Kriya in Full Effect

Meditation Power

Pranayam Power