3 Session Virtual Coaching Package

No matter if you are in need of support with your relationship or if you are looking to take your own life to the next level through personal growth and training mentoring, I got you covered. When we work together we will dive deep into the inner workings of how you have arranged yourself to show up in the world as well as with your relationship with Self and others. This is the foundation of everything we think, say and do. Once this is clear and anchored in the right place, you are positioned to blast off in your life sis! We will craft a clear, daily-actionable plan to build your foundation the right way for YOU.

ON RELATIONSHIPS - Are you frustrated with why he just doesn’t “get it “, when to you it seems like common sense? Are you tired of his lack of empathy to understand where you’re coming from as you continue to get hurt over and over again? Maybe you’re just completely baffled on why he chooses to do the things that he does, when you can see that obviously he’s making the wrong choice.

Who is the most ideal guide for you in navigating the rocky roads of a relationship and coming out on the other side successfully? One of your girlfriends who doesn’t understand what it is to be a man with many complex inner struggles? Maybe a therapist or a counselor who’s going to give you countless one size fits all theories and practices not tailored to your exact needs? Or another man who has no real point of reference for what your man is going through, who hasn’t dealt with exactly what your man is struggling with and found a way out?

Many women struggle in relationships trying desperately to understand a man who in many cases is struggling to better understand himself and his life journey. Navigating a relationship with ourselves alone is complex business, let alone attempting to navigate the inner world of two partners simultaneously. When you're looking to not only understand, but to inner-stand where your man is coming from, where he’s at, what he’s struggling with, thinking and what he is likely moving towards, it’s best to consult with someone who’s been in the darkness. Someone who’s been lost, been confused, been in the thick of the struggle, falling down over and over and over again. Yet kept getting back up and trying again and again and again until he was met with success and the rewards of making it to the other side. The choice is yours, always.

My name is Kiko "Iseluleko" Ellsworth, and I’ve been that lost man lost in darkness for well over three decades struggling to find his way out. And by the sheer dedication of my god-given soul to know myself, I’ve broken free of many illusions we all have to work through in this world and I’m here to support you to success in your relationship. I’m here to support you in navigating the complex territory of your relationship with your male co-creative.

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