3 Virtual VIP Coaching Sessions + "Ma'at Powher - The Full Experience" Watch Preview

This Bundle includes 3 private coaching sessions and full access to the "Ma'at Powher - Full Experience" course with over 40 alchemizing lessons. Between the foundational lessons of the online course and your private virtual sessions with Ise Kiko Ellsworth, you will be guided into accessing high dimensions of your life, identifying and releasing limited ways of thinking and have a clear plan to move forward each day of your life with Clarity, Alignment & Powher. Once we are truly anchored in the power of Self, we have an unwavering foundation in which to engage with others.

Who this course is Perfect for:

  • • Women who want to fully UNLEASH their full feminine powher
  • • Women who are ready to better invest in a fierce self-love
  • • Women who’ve been emotionally or physically abused
  • • Women who worry about not being able to defend themselves • Women due to their height, size or strength
  • • Women who struggles with being able to command the respect of a man
  • • Women who struggle with setting and maintaining strong physical and emotional boundaries
  • • Women who’ve never taken any form of self-defense training
  • • Women who seeks the level of confidence to say “NO” and be heard

Who should NOT enroll in this course:

  • • Women who want to keep gambling with their safety
  • • Women who want to keep suppressing their true feminine power
  • • Women who want to keep pointing the finger at others for why she can’t achieve success
  • • Women who are addicted to negative gossip
  • • Women who tear other women down to build themselves up
  • • Women who want to keep giving away their power to a man
  •  • Women

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3 Virtual VIP Coaching Sessions + "Ma'at Powher - The Full Experience":